After 24 hours of exciting nanoracing, the NANOHISPA team takes first place in the Nanocar Race II. The team managed to cleanly cover 678 nanometers in one direction only, completing 54 slalom turns on the gold track. Congratulations to the team for their great...

SAVE THE DATE! 24-25 March 2022

SAVE THE DATE! The 2nd #NanocarRace will be taking place on 24-25 March 2022, with teams from Japan, Sweden, US, Germany, France, and of course Spain! The event will be aired live on YouTube. Follow us on social media for updates on the race!

Nanocar Race II presentation

Nanocar Race II presentation during the C’NANO Conference 2021. Follow live the presentation on Youtube, on 23rd November 18:00.

Nanohispa gets sponsoring

The specialised group GENAM (RSEF, RSEQ) and the company Scienta Omicron sponsors the Spanish team Nanohispa.

Nanohispa’s SPARC presented

The Nanohispa team presents its nanocar SPARC to the organizers (CNRS) in Toulouse and is selected to compete.