Nanocar Racing: the game

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An exciting learning-based racing game where the molecules take the driver’s seat! Get ready to pilot  a molecule through a track made of gold atoms. Your mission? Safeguard your molecule from collisions as you race towards the finish line in record-breaking time.

Inspired by the real-life Nanocar Race, where cutting-edge worldwide research teams manipulate their own custom-designed molecules using a scanning tunneling microscope, this game captures the essence of the thrilling competition.

Prepare to navigate through a challenging racecourse, encountering clusters of gold atoms scattered across the track. Colliding with these obstacles will deplete your life meter. Just like in the real race, each molecule has unique characteristics, such as speed and resistance to collisions. The choice of the molecule is yours, select wisely!

Our game aims to ignite their curiosity and foster a deep interest in scientific concepts. Our goal is to create an engaging environment where children actively seek answers to some fundamental questions such as: What is a molecule? How small is a molecule? What is an atom? How can we move a single molecule? What is a scanning tunneling microscope?